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Post #2 • March 9, 2015

Using Paint to Create in Canvas

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Learn step-by-step how to save a type in Paint, import the graphic into Scan N Cut Canvas software and download it for cutting!

Supplies Needed: Active internet connection, account that has been setup on the Scan N Cut Canvas website, USB flash drive, Scan N Cut machine.

Step 1: Open the Paint Program on your computer. If you don't know where this program lives on your computer you can look for this icon:

Paint Icon

Step 2: When the Paint program opens you will see a screen that looks the same as, or similar to this one:

Paint Open Screen

Step 3: Now, click on the text icon to insert the text you wish to use.

Step 4: Click anywhere in the white box on screen to start typing. Style the lettering to the font you like and and use a font size of at least 100.

text iconname type screen

Step 5: Once you have the type looking the way you want, you will want to save the graphic. To do this click on the notebook page looking icon in the top left corner of the screen(1). Then, click on save as(2), then click on jpeg(3). Give your file a name and remember where you saved it!

save as screen

Step 6: Open the Scan N Cut Canvas software. To access the Scan N Cut Canvas software you must have an active internet connection. Go to https://scanncutcanvas.brother.com to open the software. Log In.

Canvas log in screen

Step 7: Click on the "New" box to create a new project.

Step 8: Click on the "Image Tracing" icon once the new screen opens.

new projectimage tracing icon

Step 9: When the box below appears click on the "Browse" button to find the file that you previously saved from the Paint program. Once you have located the file click on the file name to open the file in the Image Tracing box.

Step 10: Make the necessary adjustments in the box to get a light blue outline around all of the areas that you wish to cut on your Scan N Cut. This light blue outline should be on the inside and outside of the items wishing to be cut. The most important settings to check are circled in pink. Click "OK".

Tracing options should be: color(not outline), max. number of colors 2

image tracing browseimage tracing settings

Step 11: The traced outline will appear on the Canvas cutting mat. One important thing to notice here is that the "holes" in the letters are double outlined. Make sure to delete these double outlines when they appear.

image tracing extra hole

Step 12: Now that you have the image in the screen, you can make changes to it using the canvas software or you can download the image for use on your Scan N Cut. Follow the next steps to download to your Scan N Cut.

Step 13: Click on the "Download" button on the Canvas screen.

Step 14: When the Download Data for Scan N Cut box comes up, right-click on the "Untitled.fcm" file name and then click-on "save as". Save the created file to a USB memory stick. It's ready to take to your Scan N Cut!

download filesave as